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What do you know about the characteristics of LCD display? Release Date: 【2018-09-26】 / Views: 【3003】次

LCD display screen is also called LCD display screen, English abbreviation for LCD full name is Liquid Crystal Display, is a kind of flat panel display. LCD displays use a liquid crystal solution in two polarized materials to rearrange the crystals as the current passes through the liquid for imaging purposes.

The main features of LCD display are as follows:

1. The resolution of LCD display can be very high, and the PPI (pixel per inch) of mobile phone can reach more than 300.

2, LCD has more gray scales, which can show a wider range of colors.

3. High display quality: Since each point of the LCD screen keeps that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it will keep constant luminescence, and not need to refresh the bright spot as the cathode ray tube display (CRT). Therefore, liquid crystal display has high quality and will not flicker, minimizing eye fatigue.

4. There is no electromagnetic radiation: the display material of traditional display screen is phosphor. It is shown that the electron beam will produce strong electromagnetic radiation when it hits the phosphor. Although there are many display screen products dealing with radiation problems effectively, they try their best to do so. Radiation is the lowest, but it is difficult to eliminate it completely. In contrast, LCD screens have a natural advantage in preventing radiation, because there is no radiation at all. LCD has its own unique advantages in the protection of electromagnetic waves. It uses strict sealing technology to enclose a small amount of electromagnetic waves from the driving circuit in the display screen. In order to dissipate heat, the ordinary display must make the internal circuit contact with the air as much as possible, so that the internal circuit is generated. The electromagnetic waves also leak out in large numbers.

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