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Shenzhen Zhi Sheng Xin Technology Co., Ltd. Release Date: 【2018-09-24】 / Views: 【3221】次

Founded on March 13, 2012, Zhi Sheng Xin Technologies Co., Ltd. specializes in the LCD photoelectric industry. The main products are various LCM modules, which are widely used in mobile phones, MP4, and car-mounted GPS, monitors, toys, industrial control equipment, tablet computers and other digital electronic products. And has passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification.

Now the company has an independent factory floor area of 1500 square meters, 200 square meters office, nearly 100 employees, small screen monthly capacity of 400,000 pcs, medium-sized digital screen monthly capacity of 30,000 pcs, the company with excellent quality and reasonable price, thoughtful service as the commitment, always adhere to: technology, quality, service as the purpose. Establish a long-term stable, close and efficient cooperation with customers to ensure that customers provide more comprehensive and direct quality services, professional we will be your reliable quality partner.

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