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HD splicing screen becomes indispensable equipment for monitoring system Release Date: 【2018-09-26】 / Views: 【2751】次

After the development of recent years, high-definition monitoring has been applied in more and more fields, and these can not be separated from the display at the terminal of the monitoring system, which is the "driving force".

Recently, news came from Guilin, Guangxi, that the city's Intelligent Transportation Control System Center has opened for the first time since its commissioning in mid-May, welcoming the first batch of visitors. Visitors were attracted by a huge display wall made up of 65 high-definition display screens, and marveled that the LCD splicing wall could see all sorts of "small actions" of drivers in cars on the road.

"Seeing the details" is the most intuitive visual experience of HD monitoring system to attract users. It is understood that after the development of high-definition monitoring in recent years, it has been applied in more and more fields, and these can not be separated from the monitor at the terminal of the monitoring system, which is the "driving force" of the drive.

High-powered splicing screen

In the course of development of HD monitoring, the trade exhibition has played a role in helping the world. Looking at the security exhibition in recent years, high-definition cameras and high-definition splicing screens are enduring. The audience's intuitive perception of HD monitoring is often caused by high-definition mosaic screens.

In recent years, the people who have participated in the security exhibition have such a scene in their minds, deep or shallow: at the exhibition, the audience in front of the exhibition stand displaying high-definition LCD splice wall products is the largest, a large group of people around the LCD splice wall to see the most popular movies at that time. Relatively speaking, the high-definition camera production enterprises in the concept promotion stage are slightly less popular.

At last year's local security exhibition, reporters found that some high-definition camera manufacturers in the display of products, began to cooperate with LCD tiling wall manufacturers, more intuitive to show the audience the imaging effect of high-definition camera. It is understood that the effect of this promotion is better than the display of several high-definition cameras or "high-definition cameras + liquid crystal monitor" better.

With the further application of high-definition monitoring, the LCD splicing wall, as the terminal display device, has been widely used. Guilin City Intelligent Transportation Control System Center is composed of two parts: the center application system of the command center and the pavement foundation application system.

The interior part includes display system, command desk and so on. The outfield currently includes 35 traffic signal control systems, 78 traffic television surveillance systems, 30 traffic flow information collection systems, 5 traffic guidance information dissemination systems, 26 traffic violations monitoring systems, 2 intelligent security checkpoints system, 50 police vehicle satellite positioning systems and communication systems. A huge display wall made up of 65 HD screens is a perfect combination of the front HD camera system and other off-site systems.

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